About us


Donna started making cutting boards to use up the left over pieces that hubbie, Steve, couldn’t use for his own cabinetry and furniture business. Thinking too much Donna Hopper Ownerbeautiful wood was being thrown away, she starting making cutting boards as "Thank You" gifts for the customers who ordered Steve’s kitchens. Of course they quickly found their way into the homes of friends and family!


Steve showed her how to make simple long grain boards, then her artistic instincts kicked in and she started figuring out how to make end grain products. She set up a table at local craft fairs and then set up shop at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, “the rest is history” as they say…

Donna has an extensive background in customer service and relations and has been working with the public for about 30 years. She thoroughly enjoys meeting and chatting with customers from all over the world as they stop at her table at the market.


Custom Craftsman


Steve started using his father’s power tools at a Donna and Steve Hopper Ownersyoung age much to his father’s chagrin. He always had a great interest in woodworking and making things with his hands.

Steve has been creating furniture and cabinetry on a professional level since 1995. He started out making pine furniture and since has worked with many types of wood but loves the look and feel of Ash, which is now his preferred type of wood to work with.

Steve and Donna were childhood sweethearts who sadly lost touch with each other when they were young. They were reunited after 30 years and finally celebrated their fairy tale wedding on July 21st 2012!

They now live happily ever after..  Building butcher block cutting boards of course!


Ash Tree

Ash is a great craft wood, but best known as the wood of choice for baseball bats. Other woods are stronger, but it has the best strength to weight ratio, and since most players do not want a bat greater than 32 oz. this becomes significant. For the same reason, it is used for tool handles, hockey sticks, and canoe paddles.

Why Ash? It has a natural antibacterial element to it, which makes it perfect for cutting and serving food!

Historically it was used for food bowls because it had no       significant odor or taste. Curved components for chairs, snowshoes and boats capitalize on its wonderful bending properties.

The Tree: Oleaceae (olive) Family

There are about 70 species in the world, and it is the oil in the wood that is chemically similar to olive oil, that links this tree with the Olive family. There are only about 17 types of this tree found in North America and only 2 or 3 that have any commercial significance. We predominately talk about white (Fraxinus Americana) and black (Fraxinus Nigra) ash in the lumber industry. The tree is never found in pure stands, but rather is widely distributed among other species